Popcorn Time – Free Online TV Streaming App

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Popcorn Time Free Online TV Streaming App

Popcorn Time is a perfect application that can be used to watch or stream various kinds of movies and it is FREE. It just one tap away from your gadgets and you are ready to enjoy various different genres of movies as you want to watch such as the comedy, romantic, horror and much more. Download the official Popcorn Time from this site to keep your device secure and safe. Download the FREE and official Popcorn Time Application here to get the current latest version. The latest version of this app is the 5.6.1 version that brings lots of more interesting and better functions and features than the previous version.

Streaming movies from our gadget is an interesting and fun activity. It can be a stress reliever. I love streaming movies after I was done with my job and with Popcorn Time application, now streaming movie can be done at any time and everywhere with my gadgets. Popcorn Time comes with many interesting features that differentiate it from the other similar applications. It has a lot of collections of movies; subtitle feature and this application are user-friendly and much more.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

In streaming movies from a gadget, maybe some problems can appear such as:

  • Long buffering and of course, it is annoying
  • No mobile quota when you want to play or stream the movies

In this case, Popcorn Time helps me to solve those 2 main problems in streaming movies. I didn’t have any buffering problem and furthermore, I can download the movies that I want. It means that I can watch it later and watch it again and again. Besides enjoying the movies, various TV Series is also available in this awesome application.

Download and Install Popcorn Time Application

To download Popcorn Time you have to know about its requirements in which this application is compatible with Android 4.2 version and higher version, MAC OSX 10.7, Linux 32 and 64, up to the Windows 7 Version and higher. For Android version, the size of this application is just 63, 18 MB.
This application is not available in Google PlayStore. That is why; in order to download and install Popcorn Time, you need to find the other sources or the third parties. In this case, a simple setting is needed in your Android. Below are some steps to download Popcorn Time for Android:

  • Set your android phone first by choosing the SETTING menu and then please look for the Security option. After that, find the Unknown Source part and give a check sign or activate it. A dialog box will be shown, tap OK for giving a confirmation for it.
  • Done with the first step above, now open your browser and make sure that you have good internet connection.
  • Open the link or source where you can download Popcorn Time and wait until the page is displayed
  • After the page was opened, click the Download button that is available and the installation will be started
  • Wait for a while until the installation process was done.

Those are some simple steps that you can follow to download Popcorn Time App. Using this app is so easy. Once you download it, you just need to open the app and click for the movies or TV Series that you want to watch. When you choose content, some information about that content will be shown such as about the rating, subtitle and desired resolution.

Can Popcorn Time be downloaded in IOS?

How to install Popcorn Time in your IOS? You may need a little bit effort to do it. Below are the steps:

  • Use your PC and open the browser. Go to this link and find the IOS Beta. It will download the installer to your PC and will install the app on your iPad and iPhone in turn.
  • Install the Popcorn Time Installer software in your PC.
  • Open that IOS Installer program and connect to your IOS Device.
  • When prompted, you can turn on the airplane mode and once you done this, the installation process will be started.
  • After some few minutes, it will be installed in your device. When prompted, you can unlock the iPhone and open the app without disabling the airplane mode.
  • When it was your first time of opening Popcorn Time, a popup will be displayed. Tap a TRUST option.
  • Turn of the airplane mode.
  • If the app wouldn’t load, you can force to quit the app by double clicking the home screen button and also swiping up the app.
  • Those are the ways to install Popcorn Time in IOS.
Popcorn Time Movie

Popcorn Time Movie

Downloading Popcorn Time Application for PC and Laptop

Beside can be downloaded for Android and IOS, Popcorn Time can be also downloaded to PC. Here are the steps:

  • To do so, an android emulator is needed.
  • It is recommended to use Bluestack for the downloading process.
  • You can download Bluestack from this site.
  • After that, get the Popcorn Time Apk file to your PC. Here is the link.
  • That apk file has to be installed with Bluestacks.
  • Run that file with the emulator.
  • With the help of Bluestacks, it will be installed on your laptop.

The Pros and Cons

Popcorn Time has more pros than the cons itself. The pros are that as follows:

  • It is available for different device platforms (Android, IOS, PC, Windows)
  • This app has a lot of collection of movies and TV Series
  • User-friendly even it is your first time of using it
  • It contains many great features such as subtitle and much more
  • The size is also not too big so it can run smoothly on your devices

Meanwhile, the cons that we can find are only that this app is not available in PlayStore and you need to do some steps to download it.


We can conclude that this is one of the best streaming applications that you can use to stream many movies and TV Series. But if you want to watch live tv we recommend mobdro app

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